Author: Przemko Pachana

Przemko Pachana - forester, graduate of Forestry from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Forest Information Technology from the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. Professional experience gained i.a. at European Forest Institute in Finland and Polish State Forests. Currently has been working in Germany in a company which mainly deals with forest management plans, forestry software and mobile applications development.
International Forestry

Agroforestry in Europe

During my forest education I never had chance to become familiar with agroforestry, until I started my internship at European Forest Institute. Agroforestry is quite large topic, so in this post I would like to explain in a short way what really is agroforestry, where is used, who is responsible for collecting source data and where data related with this topic are stored. Maybe this post would be an inspiration for some forestry student who is not sure which subject to choose for bachelor’s orContinue reading

International Forestry, National Parks, Science

Forest stands volume estimation by using Finnish Multi-Source National Forest Inventory

During my internship at European Forest Institute in Finland I had a chance to become familiar with Finnish method of forest stands volume estimation. The Finnish way of forest inventory was quite innovative in relation to the method which have been used in Poland, so I thought that it could be nice subject for the master thesis.