Month: June 2016

International Forestry

Problem of the illegal logging finally solved! Norway takes a bad way!

Problem related to the illegal logging is repeated continuously in mass media, but honestly, it looks that nobody wants to solve this problem forever. After I read article about Norway as a first country in the world to be deforestation-free, I decided to express my opinion why such programs do not work, will never do and even act completely contrary to planned expectations. I propose a solution that will end illegal logging forever.

International Forestry

State forests in post-communistic countries are created from the misery and suffering of normal people.

The ownership structure of forests in Poland remained almost unchanged since the end of the last world war. Majority of the public forests is now under the administration and management of the National Forest Holding “State Forests”. In my opinion, state forests in many post-communistic countries were created to a large extent from the misery and suffering of ordinary people. The State was taking the best pieces of forests. Whenever I hear how wonderfully state forests manage their forests in post-communistic countries, always I haveContinue reading