Mobilizing finance for forests

IV International Forest Business Conference starts in 3 weeks

Countdown begins! In 3 weeks, on May 20-21, 2024, the IV International Forest Business Conference will commence at the luxurious five-star Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. I’ve been organizing this conference since 2017, and I must admit that this edition’s program is the strongest yet. The conference will feature two panel discussions and five thematic sessions with 33 world-class speakers.  We have a small gift as a special treat for readers of Forest Monitor Blog. Keep reading about IFBC2024…

Two thematic panels

During this year’s conference, two thematic panels will take place.

The first will focus on mobilizing financing for forests, climate, and biodiversity. This panel will be moderated by Elene Koycheva (Head of CAIA London Chapter), and its participants will include:

  • Peter Chappell, Finnfund
  • Céline Claudon, IWC
  • Martin Davies, Nuveen Natural Capital
  • Shauna Matkovich, The ForestLink
  • Tianhan Ji, FMO

The second panel will focus on realizing the value of carbon and biodiversity credits in forest investments. The panel will be led by Professor Jacek Siry from the University of Georgia (USA), and its speakers will include:

  • Jaan Sepping, Ecobase
  • Matthew Aghai, Mast Reforestation
  • Krzysztof Wypij, Bureau Veritas
  • Martin Baker, Anew

Thematic Sessions

There will be five thematic sessions during the conference, titled:

  • Wood Industry – the future of wood
  • Investing in nature
  • New technologies in forestry
  • Investing in natural capital and forestry
  • Applied science in forest business

A total of 33 speakers from around the world will present at these sessions. The entire conference program is available HERE or on the event’s website

Warm regards, and I hope to see you in Sopot.

Rafał Chudy

P.S. A 10% discount is available exclusively for Forest Monitor readers. The discount code is: 10ifbc2024

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