Month: August 2017

forest harvesting intensity
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Drivers of forest harvesting intensity patterns in Europe

Generally, our present understanding of what determines forest management intensity is weak, particularly at broad scales, and this makes it difficult to assess the environmental and social trade-offs of intensification. In this post, I would like to present you the research of international scientists who have analyzed spatial patterns of forest harvesting intensity in Europe.


The Return of the Forest: how trees reconquered the European continent after the last Ice Age

People who are interested in the ecology of European forests know that the current climatic gradient has a big influence in shaping the distribution and diversity of tree species in the continent. Shrubs and evergreen broadleaves in the southern Mediterranean areas, broadleaf and mixed forests in temperate regions, conifers in north and in the Alps. However, this is just a snapshot. Forests in Europe have varied greatly over the last million years due to the alternating cycle of glacial and interglacial period. Research on thisContinue reading

International Forestry

Agroforestry in Europe

During my forest education I never had chance to become familiar with agroforestry, until I started my internship at European Forest Institute. Agroforestry is quite large topic, so in this post I would like to explain in a short way what really is agroforestry, where is used, who is responsible for collecting source data and where data related with this topic are stored. Maybe this post would be an inspiration for some forestry student who is not sure which subject to choose for bachelor’s orContinue reading

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Becoming a real Forestry and Environmental Engineer (Part 1)

In this post, I would like to present my Master thesis, something different that we talk about in this blog. I worked for one year in a hydrological restoration project. Besides, it will be presented at the International Symposium on Soil and Water Bioengineering in a Changing Climate which will be in GLASGOW,  on 7-8 SEPTEMBER. This Symposium will be a meeting inside the Life+ Project ECOMED.