Month: October 2017

European Forest Institute Annual Conference Oslo Norway
International Forestry

European Forest Institute 2017 Annual Conference

On 5th October, there was a special session entitled “Emerging forest-based solutions and their implications for forest management”, which was organized at European Forest Institute 2017 Annual Conference. The whole conference was held next to Holmenkollbakken – a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo. In this post, you can read some insights from this inspiring session that brough researchers and wood-industry people together. 


What factors determine whether tree species compete or complement each other?

The growth of the forest depends on a series of variables and their complex net of interactions. When the forest is composed of multiple species (called a “mixture”) its growth also depends on the intra- and inter-specific interactions between these species. Given the rising interest for biodiversity conservation, among other ecosystem services, there have been a number of growing studies on mixing effects. In this post I would like to quickly present the main results of my newly published paper on this topic. Forests richContinue reading