Month: December 2017

International Forestry

Forestry study opportunities

Choosing forestry studies it’s not stated that they have to take place only in our native country. Leading forestry faculties have in their offer also international courses, which provide a wide variety of specializations in the field of forestry. In this post I would like to outline some possibilities which are available in Europe.

International Forestry, Science

What do European forest managers want to know from scientists about mixed forests?

During the last years, scientists published a large amount of papers and books on the ecology and functioning mixed forests. This has certainly contributed to advance our understanding of how a mixed species forest work, develop, function. Many studies focused on adapting management strategies under climate change to deliver important recommendations to practitioners (and I put myself into this bucket too, with my PhD thesis). But what are the main concerns of forest managers nowadays? Are they indeed worried about climate change and natural disturbanceContinue reading