rafał chudy forester

Rafal Chudy 

Footballer and forester with experience on many positions. He likes to play tough, but has never got a red card. Rafal was gaining an experience in teams such as SLU, NCSU, SGGW, UH and UHH. Next, he transferred to a football intern camp to State Forests in Poland. After two years of being a bench warmer and having no further perspectives for personal and professional development, he was noticed by NMBU, where he moved immediately based on a free transfer agreement.
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Isaac Sanz Canencia 

Forester. MSc in Forestry and Environmental Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has experience in management working at a National Park.

He developed his MSc Thesis with a project about hydrologic restoration of a creek and his basin with bioengineering tecniques. He has worked in Italy at two projects of the european programme Life+ translating to the spanish a version of a manual of one of these projects.

Currently he is working in hydrologic projects using hydraulic models to study extraordinary floods and rivers evolution.

He is also interested in everything related to the world of forestry, forest certification, wood industries, mycology, protected natural areas, gardens and city parks, silviculture and wood biomass production. Passionate traveller, mountains and hiking. Contact me by e-mail:




Marco Mina 

Forest ecologist. PostDoc at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. He studied Forestry and Environmental Science in Padua University and he did his PhD in Forest Ecology at ETH Zürich.

The focus of his research is on better understanding the impacts of climate change on forests and ecosystem services using process-based, statistical models and forest inventory data.

He is also interested in dendroecology, silviculture and wood biomass production.

He loves traveling, running marathons, Nordic skiing, cooking and drinking his own brewed beer.




Przemko Pachana 

Forester, graduate of Forestry from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Forest Information Technology from the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.

Professional experience gained i.a. at European Forest Institute in Finland and Polish State Forests.

Currently has been working in Germany in a company which mainly deals with forest management plans, and forestry software and mobile applications development.





Angham Daiyoub 

Forest engineer doing her MSc of Mediterranean forests management at the University of Lleida, Spain. Her current research is focusing on measuring the change of forest area of Syria during the conflict period using remote sensing and studying the conservation strategies should be applied to recover the forest loss. Her area of interest is the conservation of biodiversity especially the plant species and forest ecosystems.

Main hobbies and interests: Birds watching, Travelling, History, Music….



Sorin T. Schiop

Forestry engineer working in a Romanian forest district. He has a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding, with most of the research conducted at the Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. His expertise includes genetic diversity and biochemical response of Norway spruce seedlings to salt and drought stress, greenhouse and nursery production of conifer seedlings (seed and grafting), forestry management.