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JOB ALERT: PhD in Forestry Combo

Quite recently, six new PhD positions in foresty have been announced, in Sweden. All of them are within FRAS project, which focuses on future forests in southern Sweden. If you like to become a PhD candidate in forestry in Sweden, this post is perfectly tailored to you!

drought on the desert Mojave

The response of the forest to drought: the role of stand density and species diversity

Trees are beautiful complex adaptive organisms. As we see them standing immobile, deeply rooted to the ground and unable to move, we may think that they are defenceless to any change happening to their surrounding environment. In the case of drought, trees have evolved to use different strategies for facing water stress. However, intense and repeated droughts can induce changes in carbon allocation, regeneration rates and mortality. As the frequency and intensity of droughts are expected to increase in many regions due to climate change,Continue reading


Forest-biodiversity-loss harms us all!

Researchers from 30 countries have collected and analyzed forest data set from 777,126 sample plots, located in 44 countries. In total, they measured over 30 million trees of 8,737 different species. The analyzed area represented the most terrestrial biomes, from tropical forests to boreal. The main objective was to establish a global relationship between biodiversity (measured in number of tree species) and forest productivity (measured in timber volume and value). Results showed that a continued biodiversity loss results in an accelerating decline in forest productivity worldwide.

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Can we increase biodiversity with logging?

The objective of the SelPiBio Life+ project is to demonstrate how an innovative silvicultural treatment in Pinus nigra increases the degree of the biodiversity at the level of the soil environment (fungi, bacteria, flora, mesofauna, nematodes). In particular, the effect of the selective thinnings respect the traditional mode is evaluated and the absence of any treatment in pine stands in juvenile stages at the level of production and forest protection and soil biodiversity.