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drought on the desert Mojave

The response of the forest to drought: the role of stand density and species diversity

Trees are beautiful complex adaptive organisms. As we see them standing immobile, deeply rooted to the ground and unable to move, we may think that they are defenceless to any change happening to their surrounding environment. In the case of drought, trees have evolved to use different strategies for facing water stress. However, intense and repeated droughts can induce changes in carbon allocation, regeneration rates and mortality. As the frequency and intensity of droughts are expected to increase in many regions due to climate change,Continue reading

The growth before death

The growth before death: a better understanding of tree mortality using tree ring data

With the historical drought in California causing the death of something like 102 Million trees in the Sierra Nevada, the topic of tree mortality is hotter than ever. It is usually easy to see if a tree is standing dead or alive. However, understanding the physiological mechanisms that lead to tree mortality and predicting mortality patterns over space and time remains a challenge. Read more what a large pool of researchers recently found using to tree ring records.