Deer Forest Geeks!

My name is Rafał and I have created this blog to discuss relevant issues related to forestry. More about me you can find in About Me page.

I will focus on different things such as forest management systems, forest policy, economics and recent news from forest and wood industry sector. My intention is to keep texts shorts, focus on key issues and let the discussion in comments begin. The rules on commenting are simple and straightforward: be critique and open minded but let your critique be positive. Please contribute something new to the discussion to help us broaden our minds on particular issues.

For all posts that I will create, there is one target that the best can be expressed by George Orwell:

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

Definitely, I am biased, like everybody, but my bias is surely a right-wing bias as on the picture below.


Enjoy and let’s create together a place, where forest geeks can express their minds related to forest sector!