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Modeling fire size of wildfires

The extent of fires, their periodicity and their impact on terrestrial communities is always a concern. Wildfires play an important role in shaping landscapes and as a source of CO2 and particulate matter. Modeling the spatial variability of wildfire extent is an important subject in order to understand and to predict future trends on their effect in landscape changes.

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There ain’t no free lunch in forestry – an interview with Bob Izlar

During the 2017 Timberland Investment Conference, I interviewed Mr. Bob Izlar, the Director of University of Georgia (UGA) Harley Langdale, Jr. Center for Forest Business. Mr. Izlar tell us more about Forest Business Program at UGA, its main idea, potential opportunities after graduation, and in general about the demise of many world class forestry schools since mid-1970s.

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Evolution for Forest Engineering in Spain

Forest engineering in Spain has a long tradition and active presence in the engineering field. It is also one of the first educational institutions that shaped the Spanish technological panorama in the mid nineteenth century. The actual situation of the forest systems in Spain is the result of 166 years of observation, research, education and the application of specific techniques and principles that forest engineers acquired with the successive study plans that were implanted in educational institutions.