Month: December 2016

International Forestry

Evolution for Forest Engineering in Spain

Forest engineering in Spain has a long tradition and active presence in the engineering field. It is also one of the first educational institutions that shaped the Spanish technological panorama in the mid nineteenth century. The actual situation of the forest systems in Spain is the result of 166 years of observation, research, education and the application of specific techniques and principles that forest engineers acquired with the successive study plans that were implanted in educational institutions.

innovation systems

Great Course in Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy

The aim of this course is to provide a systematic overview of innovation, innovation systems, and their role in industrial transformation to the bioeconomy. Innovation is the necessary ingredient for successful transition of existing companies to the future bioeconomy. Educating developing researchers in the fundamentals and practice of innovation and innovativeness will enhance their ability to contribute to industry transformation through informed and applicable research. Based on the above outlined desired outcome, the course is designed to bring about collaboration of a broad set ofContinue reading

wood pellet

Wood pellet market in the EU- recent findings

According to recently published AEBIOM report, in 2015, wood pellet consumption in the EU reached 20,3 million tonnes which represented 6 % of total solid biomass used in Europe. Not suprisingly due to ambitious EU renewable targets, pellet consumption has increased in the EU-28, while in other parts of the world has stagnated or even decreased.