The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) registers a cumulative surplus of US$ 6 billion

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) registers a cumulative surplus of US$ 6 billion (+2.3%) as of November 2016. 

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) published recently the analysis of the forestry sector for the period between January and November 2016. During this time, export volume for pulp, wood panels and paper has shown positive trade balance in the sector (in comparison with the same period last year), which has resulted in US$ 6 billion surplus (+2.3%).

According to Ibá, pulp made a positive contribution with US$ 4.7 billion (-0.1%), paper added US$ 1.0 billion (+9.7%) and wood panels contributed US$ 220 million (+29.4%).

Latin America is still the main destination for exports from the paper and wooden panels sectors, accounting for 60.3% (US$ 1.0 billion) and 54.0% (US$ 121 million), respectively. For pulp, the greatest share went to the Chinese market with 37.9% (US$ 1.9 billion), followed by Europe with 33.1% (US$ 1.7 billion).

The Brazilian Tree Industry represents the wood panels and laminate flooring, pulp, paper, and biomass for energy production, as well as independent planted tree producers and institutional investors.  Ibá has 60 companies and 9 state entities and was conceived with a solid and significant foundation for the Brazilian economy. In 2015, gross revenue of the planted tree industry totaled R$ 69 billion, which represents 6% of the Industrial Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In total, Ibá manages over 7.8 million hectares of planted eucalyptus, pinus and other (acacia, araucaria, paricá and teak) tree species.


Main photo: Rafal Chudy

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