Author: Rafał Chudy

Footballer by passion, forest analyst by the rest of the time. The idea of this blog idea was born in my head a long time ago but never had time for its realization. As my theoretical and practical knowledge in forestry and forest analytics has been significantly growing since I emigrated from Poland, I have decided to share it with people who are interested in efficient management of all kind of resources related to forestry. I would like to discuss here different tools, solutions and managerial systems in different places around the world. Definitely, this blog is for people who are open-minded and not always politically correct. I will tell things as they are, but also how they should look like in my opinion. My personal intention is to keep texts short and focus more on the discussion. Therefore, prepare your valid and well-reasoned opinions (constructive criticism only) and enjoy being a part of forestry community!
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European Forest Institute 2017 Annual Conference

On 5th October, there was a special session entitled “Emerging forest-based solutions and their implications for forest management”, which was organized at European Forest Institute 2017 Annual Conference. The whole conference was held next to Holmenkollbakken – a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo. In this post, you can read some insights from this inspiring session that brough researchers and wood-industry people together. 

International Forestry

Exploring Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida

When I was visiting Everglades National Park, I could not skip Big Cypress National Preserve, located relatively around the corner. After my guided tour and experience in Everglades, I was quite confident that Big Cypress cannot be just a swamp. I was going there with one idea in my mind, to see majestic cypress trees, which I saw only in books at forest botany classes. Read further to learn more about the ecosystem of Big Cypress National Preserve…

International Forestry

Drivers of forest harvesting intensity patterns in Europe

Generally, our present understanding of what determines forest management intensity is weak, particularly at broad scales, and this makes it difficult to assess the environmental and social trade-offs of intensification. In this post, I would like to present you the research of international scientists who have analyzed spatial patterns of forest harvesting intensity in Europe.

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Białowieża Forest in Poland – TRUE STORY!

The European Commission, a managing institution of the European Union, has reported Poland this month to the European Court of Justice, and has asked the court to impose measures requiring the Polish government to suspend logging in the Bialowieza Forest, which is one of the last areas of primeval forest in Europe. In this post, I would like to present you my opinion about the recent conflict in the Białowieża Forest in Poland. I would like to present actors in the conflict, and discuss why thisContinue reading