Is the burning of woody biomass climate friendly?

Our newest paper on woody biomass for energy production is now published online in English. The paper is clarifying common misconceptions and is debunking myths about the use of forest biomass. We also discuss if the wood burning is climate friendly. This paper was also published in Polish: Czy spalanie biomasy drzewnej może być przyjazne dla klimatu?

Taking the opportunity I would like to thank all my great coauthors – Kacper Szulecki (the University of Oslo, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), Jacek Siry (UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources) and Robert Grala (Mississippi State University) – for their constructive comments, hard work and valuable suggestions. Also big thanks to the whole editorial board of the Academia – a journal published by the Polish Academy of Sciences. Enjoy reading!

If you like to read more on energy transition, please follow this link. The link will take you to the website of Academia journal dedicated to the energy transition, where you can also download our paper in PDF format. 

Main photo: Pellet plant in the U.S. Author: Rafal Chudy

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