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What do European forest managers want to know from scientists about mixed forests?

During the last years, scientists published a large amount of papers and books on the ecology and functioning mixed forests. This has certainly contributed to advance our understanding of how a mixed species forest work, develop, function. Many studies focused on adapting management strategies under climate change to deliver important recommendations to practitioners (and I put myself into this bucket too, with my PhD thesis). But what are the main concerns of forest managers nowadays? Are they indeed worried about climate change and natural disturbanceContinue reading

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The bioeconomy should be a new way of thinking – interview with Dr Marc Palahi

Couple days before the scientific seminar “Emerging forest-based solutions and their implications for forest management” organized within EFI 2017 Annual Meeting in Norway, I had a great pleasure to meet with Dr Marc Palahi – the Director of European Forest Institute (EFI). Dr Palahi visited Ås, where he gave a presentation about “The key transformational role of the forest bioeconomy”. The seminar was organized thanks to cooperation of Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, and I could not skip theContinue reading


The future of Silver fir under climate change and browsing

We are back on the million dollar question: how will our forests develop in this uncertain era of climate change? Yes, many study showed that changing climate might have strong impacts on the dynamics of temperate forests, but let’s not forget that management and other factors played (and will play) an important role for European forests. Among the different forest ecosystems in Europe, the mixed silver fir-beech Dinaric forests are one of the most fascinating to me. If you do not know much about them,Continue reading

One of forest disturbances is fire

Are forest disturbances amplifying or canceling out climate change-induced productivity changes in European forests?

Title of this post comes directly from recently published research paper. The international team of specialists has recently provided an overview of forest productivity changes in different forest regions in Europe under climate change, and tried to divide these changes into effects induced by climate change alone, and by climate change and forest disturbances. Read more what they have found!


Protected areas in the world’s ecoregions: How well connected are they?

Protected areas (PAs) are the main instrument for biodiversity conservation, which has triggered the development of numerous indicators and assessments on their coverage, performance and efficiency. The connectivity of the PA networks at a global scale has however been much less explored; previous studies have either focused on particular regions of the world or have only considered some types of PAs.


Forest-biodiversity-loss harms us all!

Researchers from 30 countries have collected and analyzed forest data set from 777,126 sample plots, located in 44 countries. In total, they measured over 30 million trees of 8,737 different species. The analyzed area represented the most terrestrial biomes, from tropical forests to boreal. The main objective was to establish a global relationship between biodiversity (measured in number of tree species) and forest productivity (measured in timber volume and value). Results showed that a continued biodiversity loss results in an accelerating decline in forest productivity worldwide.

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Global warming is due to sun’s radiation – NOT carbon emissions!

Physicist Ned Nikolov and retired meteorologist Karl Zeller developed a mathematical model that accurately predicts the surface temperature of rocky planets such as Mars, Venus or Moon. Scientists claim that model works also for Earth. And here comes the best part. The model indicates that the effect of global warming of our planet is rather due to solar radiation, than human activity. Check this out! 


Ecosystem services, mountain forests and climate change

When speculating on what is going to happen to our forests in an uncertain future, it is hard to generalize. Impacts on tree growth, regeneration and mortality due to climate change and other factors (e.g., forest management, disturbances) are usually quantified with scenario modelling at course, large-scale. However, given the heterogeneity of European mountain forests, the effects of climate change on ecosystem services at the local-scale seems to be highly variable. Read more what researchers from ETH Zürich in collaboration with other European partners found.