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Must-Attend Event: 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit

The second edition of the Bioeconomy Investment Summit will take place on 14-15 December in Helsinki, Finland, organized by the European Commission and the European Forest Institute.  The 2017 Bioeconomy Investment Summit is a follow up of the Bioeconomy Investment Summit organised by the EU in 2015, and builds on the results of the Lodz Bioeconomy Congress and the Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference in 2016. 

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Forest stands volume estimation by using Finnish Multi-Source National Forest Inventory

During my internship at European Forest Institute in Finland I had a chance to become familiar with Finnish method of forest stands volume estimation. The Finnish way of forest inventory was quite innovative in relation to the method which have been used in Poland, so I thought that it could be nice subject for the master thesis.

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The Internet harms global demand for paper products

The Internet together with other information and communication technologies, such as personal computers and cellular phones, have provided an electronic alternative to newspapers and printed materials in recent decades. Researchers from the United States examined this year how Internet adoption has affected worldwide demand for newsprint and printing and writing papers. What have they found? Check this out!