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NOVA-course: Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy-REGISTRATION OPEN!!!

If you remember my last post about interesting course about Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy, then you should be aware that registration is already opened. Don’t hesitate and sign up, in order to acquire practical and important knowledge at the University of Helsinki! 

Do you remember the post about Great Course in Innovation Systems in the BioeconomyI just received the notification that you can easily sign up via straightforward online registration form, accessible here:

NOVA-course: Innovation Systems in the Bioeconomy

Just to refresh your memory, the most important details of the course are below:

Target of the course

The aim of this course is to provide a systematic overview of innovation, innovation systems, and their role in industrial transformation to the bioeconomy. Innovation is the necessary ingredient for successful transition of existing production consumption system to the future bioeconomy. Educating developing researchers in the fundamentals and practice of innovation and innovativeness will enhance their ability to contribute to industry transformation through informed and applicable research. Based on the above outlined desired outcome, the course is designed to bring about collaboration of a broad set of interdisciplinary bioeconomy researchers. We anticipate participation of PhD students from multiple disciplines and industry sectors as well as two continents and at least four countries.

Course time and place: 28 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2017 in Viikki Campus, Helsinki, Finland. 

Application period: 1.2.2017 – 24.4.2017

Registration confirmation: by 1.5.2017. 

There is no course fee for NOVA students and lunches are provided by the program.

Register by 24th April 2017!

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