Housing market has improved in the U.S.

The Virginia Tech–U.S. Forest Service reported recently that housing has improved in the United States, in June 2016. However, most sectors of the housing market remain well less than their respective historical averages. 

From the report, one may find that single-family (SF) spending has decreased four consecutive months (figure below), while multifamily (MF) three of five. In addition, construction spending was also disappointing, as total residential and single-family expenditures declined month-over-month.

residential spending US

Concerning new single-family house sales (figure below), one can observe slow rebound after the recent crisis.

Interestingly, you can notice how and at what speed the bubble in the U.S. was growing before the market collapsed. This can be one indicator, that can show the bubble, which many people disregarded completely before the crisis.

total Single family sales

In the commentary, you can find relevant housing data, data exploration, new and existing single-family housing, home ownership and household formations, economics and also demographics and home ownership in the U.S.

Find the whole report here:
The Virginia Tech –U.S. Forest ServiceJune 2016 Housing Commentary

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