Our forest blog statistics 2019

As every year, we would like to share the main statistics from our forest blog for 2019. Shortly speaking, it was a very successful year with respect to the number of visitors, views and inspiring posts published by our international Team! We would like to thank our followers and supporters for being with us since 2016. We hope that 2020 will be even more successful for our forest blog and all forest enthusiast all over the world. Happy New Year forest geeks!

Views and viewers

As shown in the main photo, in 2019, we had over 130 thousand visitors on the Forest Monitor blog who generated almost 230 thousand views. This gives 1.75 views of our forest blog per one visitor, what I think is pretty amazing given the niche we operate. Since 2016, we grew by over 1000% in terms of viewers of our blog.

Top 10 countries at our forest blog

Most of our visitors came from Poland (69%), USA (9%), Sweden (3%), UK (2%), Germany, Australia, Canada, Norway, India and Spain (each ca. 1%), and all other countries (23%). These countries were always on top in our forest blog and the situation did not change much since last year. In all these countries, forestry is a big issue, but also other factors decide why we have so many forest geeks reading our blog from there, such as available language versions of our forest blog, number of authors and posts in each version etc.

forest blog


I think that it is very interesting to look at the category Others where over 23% of our visitors came from. The map of the global distribution of our blog’s views shows that we had visits coming from almost all countries on our planet.

forest blog

2020 and beyond

In 2020 and beyond, we will continue our great work, we will share with you the high-quality content and describe forests and management challenges from all over the places. This forest blog is a great place for us to share also our scientific publications, interviews with forestry experts and describe amazing forests we had a chance to visit during our international travels, professional careers and hobbies related to forestry. Best wishes in the New Year!

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