Low prices for wood

The European Sawlog Price Index reached its lowest level in six years in the 3Q/16 because of lower lumber demand and reduced prices in both domestic and export markets, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Declining demand and prices for softwood lumber, together with reduced log trade have resulted in lower sawlog prices in Europe over the past two years with the ESPI sawlog prices index reaching its lowest point since 2010, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly.

The growth before death

The growth before death: a better understanding of tree mortality using tree ring data

With the historical drought in California causing the death of something like 102 Million trees in the Sierra Nevada, the topic of tree mortality is hotter than ever. It is usually easy to see if a tree is standing dead or alive. However, understanding the physiological mechanisms that lead to tree mortality and predicting mortality patterns over space and time remains a challenge. Read more what a large pool of researchers recently found using to tree ring records.