Forest Monitor Stats – 2016

We would like to present you the statistics of Forest Monitor blog for 2016, i.e. just after 6 months of Forest Monitor existence! 

Forest Monitor – FIRST BLOG FOR FOREST GEEKS!- has been launched on 18th June 2016. First, English and Polish versions appeared. Later, two gentelmen joined our team: Tadeusz Ciura (who is now a manager of Swedish version of the blog and significant contributor to the Polish one) and Isaac Sanz Canencia (who is now a manager of Spanish version and also significant contributor to the English version). Therefore in total, just after 6 months, we are happy to announce that we manage all together 4 languages. After half a year, we wrote 187 posts together (over 30 posts per month or one post per day in average!). Our portal received in total 191 comments (excluding comments from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Who are our readers!

In 2016, we had over 30 000 views of our blog visited by over 15 000 individuals, what gives views-per-visitor equal to over two.

Global distribution

It is worth to mention, at the beginning, that there are few endogenous factors behind these statistics. The most influential are related to number of posts written in each language, language versions of Forest Monitor and time when each language versions (Polish, English (the oldest), Spanish and Swedish (the youngest)) were launched.

Here you have the global distribution of our readers:

It seems that the biggest number of our readers came in 2016 from Europe, followed by North America (mostly USA and Canada), Asia, Africa/Australia and Oceania, and finally South America.


Because Europe was dominant in the global distribution of Forest Monitor readers. We decided to look deeper in the European part of the Old World.

Top 1o countries, where forest geeks were coming: Poland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, France, Switzerland, Italy and Finland.

Big dominance of Poland can be explained mostly by the number of posts written per week, and their scope in the times of political changes.

Most read posts – top 5

Here are TOP 5 posts that were most read in 2016:

Global warming is due to sun’s radiation – NOT carbon emissions!

Tree rings indicate: World has been cooling for 2000 years

Degradation of REDD – interview with prof. O.Hofstad

Does EU destroy forests in Southeast U.S?

A rise in US forestland thanks to Europe


Foresight in the future

What are our plans for 2017? Definitely, we would like to find more forest geeks, who will join our energetic and diligent team. Therefore, if you like to administrate your own language version of Forest Monitor, write your own posts about forestry and wood industry situation in your home countries (or countries you visit), make interviews with famous people who are passionate about their forestry or wood industry work, dig into scientific articles and news, you are very welcome to contact us!

In 2017, we are planning to atract even more readers and provide them highly-valuable information from forestry and wood industry world. Therefore, you can expect more interviews, more summaries from the world of science (also these controversial about climate change) and more photos and information about different forests, forestry management systems, tree species, wood products and JOBS free positions!

Let 2017 be great for all of us – FOREST GEEKS! 

Main photo: Rafał Chudy

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