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How to close the gap on the circular economy in Europe?

According to Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), compared with previous period, around 679,000 tonnes of paper were sent for recycling outside Europe in 2015 (7.1 % increase). How this information is connected to circular economy in Europe? Check it out!  

CEPI estimates that around 10 million tonnes of paper for recycling leave Europe every year. Year 2015 was very special, as amount of exported paper for recycling from Europe increased by 7.1% (679 000 tonnes), compared to previous year. CEPI claims that such export data show an evident gap in the circular economy in Europe.

It has been estimated that elimination of export of paper used for recycling could create approximately 140 000 jobs in Europe.

In order to close the gap in circular economy in Europe, CEPI suggests to keep paper recycled in Europe for Europe.

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