Forest Monitor Stats – 2017

The end of the year is always a good time for summaries. In this post, we present you our statistics for year 2017. 

Without any doubts, year 2017 was very successful for us! In this year, two great gentelmen (Przemko and Marco) joined our forces, and wrote many interesting posts for you. From Santa we got also a new logo, so 2017 was simply great!

Who are our readers!

In 2017, we had over 130 000 views of our blog, visited by over 63 000 individuals, what gives over 2 views-per-visitor. Compared to 2016, we got over 430% increase in the number of views, and 420% increase in number of individuals who visited our webpage. In 2017, we wrote 412 posts in total, in four different languages. Our portal received in total 173 comments (excluding comments in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Global distribution

Here you can observe the global distribution of our readers:

Forest geeks from Europe are our dominant publicity, followed by North America, South America and Asia. Readers from Africa and Australia and Oceania regions consist around 1% each.


Because Europe was dominant in the global distribution of Forest Monitor readers. We decided to look closer into the Old World.

Top 1o countries, where forest geeks were coming: Poland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, UK, Norway, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Finland.

Basically, these countries did not change since last year. Please note that main driver behind this statistics is related to number of available language versions on our blog, number of authors in each version, and in consequence number of posts. That it is why, Poland, Spain and Sweden still dominate since the beginning of our blog existence.

Most read posts – top 5

Here are TOP 5 posts that were most read in 2017:

  1. Forest workers will cry after seeing this
  2. Do you know what is the oldest and rarest tree in the world? You never find out!
  3. What can wood industry expect in North America, in 2017?
  4. Wood pellet market in the EU- recent findings
  5. The most fire-resistant pine in the world

Wishes for 2018?

We wish ourselves that in 2018, more forest geeks will join our energetic team, and we will be able to expand for next language version.

In 2018, you can expect more posts about forests, forestry management systems, tree species, wood products and JOBS offers! Therefore, stay tuned!

All the best in 2018 FOREST GEEKS! 

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