Forest Monitor Stats – 2018

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new one, I have a great pleasure to share our blog statistics with you. The year 2018 was simply awsome for the Forest Monitor blog! Not only, because we have beaten our records from 2017, but also because new bloggers – Angham Daiyoub from Syria and Sorin Schiop from Romania- have joined our team! They wrote very interesting posts about, among others, forests and natural reserves in Syria, reforestation, carbon sequestration, grafting or climate change! In this post, you can read about Forest Monitor readers, where they come from, what they read and what we expect in 2019. Check it out!

Who are our readers?

In 2018, we had over 163 000 views of our blog, visited by over 84.5 thousand individuals, what gives around 2 views-per-visitor. Compared to 2017, we got over 25% increase in the number of views, and 34% increase in number of individuals who visited our webpage. Interestingly, in 2018, we wrote only 207 posts in total in four different languages, compared to over 400 posts in 2017. To sum up, we have posted less in 2018, but consistently have posted high-quality content, what increased our reach.

Global distribution of our readers

Piechart below shows the continents from which our readers (forest geeks) come from.

As it can be observed, most of our readers come from Europe (84%), followed by North America (10%), Asia (4%) and South America (2%). Compared to 2017, the proportions for Europe and North America did not change much. We may observe the increase of our readers coming from Asia.

Globally, top 10 countries that are readers come from were: Poland, USA, Spain, Sweden, India, UK, Germany, Canada, Romania, and Italy. In Europe, except already mentioned, in top European 10 were also Norway, France, Finland and Netherlands. These countries were always on top in our blog and the situation did not change since last year. In all these countries, forestry is a big issue, but also other factors decide why we have so many forest geeks reading our blog from there, such as available language versions of our blog, number of authors and posts in each version etc.

Top 5 most read posts from 2018!

  1. What do you think you know about forests in Syria!
  2. Why wood pellets are more harmful than coal!
  3. Will robots take foresters’ jobs?
  4. “Clever reforestation” could cope with climate change in Romanian coniferous fores
  5. Appreciating old growth trees

What can you expect in 2019?

After a change to the new WordPress version, what was not easy (at least for me), we hope to improve the layout of our blog. In 2019, you can expect from us, as usual, high-quality content about all type of forests around the globe, interesting interviews with forest professionals, news from science and many more. I hope it is not a secret, but soon you should be able to read a post from Angham about cork industry in Catalonia. I am also sure this year Marco will describe his new great papers about silviculture, ecosystem services and climate change that he regularily publishes in high rank journals. Then, Isaac, Przemko and Sorin will share with you their knowledge and expertise about forests and forestry in Spain, Germany, Romania and other locations. From my side, I hope that in coming weeks you will be able to read a post about forests and forest management in Sardinia (Italy) that I visited last year. Also I am planning to take you for a field trip to national parks and reserves in the U.S. Finally, we hope that in 2019, our team will expand. Therefore, we are waiting for new forest geeks who want to share their knowledge and experiences about forests and forestry around the world. To sum up, I am sure this year will be great, full of challenges, and personal and professional successes for all of us !


Main photo credit: Pexels

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