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JOB ALERT: International Chief Technical Advisor in Sierra Leone

Would you like to become an International Chief Technical Advisor in Sierra Leone, working with very first REDD project in West Africa? 

The Gola Rainforest Programme is an exciting long-term initiative supporting the management of the critical landscape in Sierra Leone which is a global priority for biodiversity conservation. It’s the very first REDD project in West Africa verified to the two leading standards on the voluntary carbon market, achieving double gold levels for biodiversity and climate change adaptation. The RSPB is seeking a dynamic Chief Technical Advisor to deliver the objectives of the programme, specifically the REDD Project’s objectives, delivering direct benefits to biodiversity and to 122 Forest Edge Communities. You will have particularly strong skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation, evidence-based interventions and staff management. You will have a strong interest in natural resources management, sustainable livelihoods, community-based approaches and capacity building.


Main Duties are:
1.To provide robust and strategic expert advice to the Senior Management Team and to the three International Technical Advisors for delivery of the Gola Rainforest Programme, ensuring alignment within the overall REDD project’s targets and objectives. This involves overseeing planning, delivery, budgeting, reporting and internal evaluations for the effective implementation of the programme. This will consist in (but not restricted to):
a)leading on the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation protocol for measuring success at the outcome level for the Gola REDD Project;
b) monitoring of operational expenditures to ensure alignment with the Programme’s targets and priorities;
c)providing technical support and leadership to the Senior Management team in the appropriate and efficient deployment, use and management of resources;

2.To ensure that the Gola Rainforest Programme, including research and co-management, agricultural interventions and park operations, administration and finance, is effectively implemented and monitored;

3.To provide capacity building in effective natural resources management, community-based approaches, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and leadership skills to Senior management;

4.Develop and maintain key relationships with local and national stakeholders, including local communities and the Board.

5.Assist with capacity building in effective project management, monitoring and implementation to the local Birdlife Partner’s staff in Sierra Leone and potentially in Liberia (sister Gola Project in Liberia)

The benefits package includes accommodation, flights and travel insurance. Candidates do NOT need to be eligible to work in the UK as position is out-posted in Sierra Leone.

Working conditions

Salary:  £39,970 to £43,301 per annum

Hours: Full time
Contract: 2 years

Deadline to apply: 16 January 2017
Interview date: 3 February 2017

Go and apply here: International Chief Technical Advisor

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