After the course GLOBAL FOREST INVESTMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS you will be able to understand timberland investment universe fundamentals and apply them into practice. Course starts in less than 2 months from now, so reserve your spot asap as there are only 3 places left. This course will definitely improve your forestry-related career! Read more…


Over recent years timberland investments have gained interest across the financial markets from private to institutional investors due to favourable portfolio attributes including low correlation to other asset classes, natural inflation hedging, and low volatility of returns.

Opportunities to invest in timberland are growing rapidly. However, technical expertise is essential to maximize timberland investment opportunities, and assessing properly the risks involved.

The course Global Forest Investments for Professionals is dedicated to anyone who wants to understand timberland investment universe fundamentals. This two-day long, intensive course, with internationally recognized experts in forestry investments, will provide you a broad range of necessary fundamentals in timberland investments, and will allow you to refine practical analytical skills for immediate application. This course will allow you to grasp the best practical knowledge in a short time, taking part in real case study examples, participating in timberland portfolio optimization workshop, and having discussions with top-class instructors and other course participants.



  • Forestry consultants and investment analysts
  • Timberland-investment professionals in developmental stages of their careers and forestry
  • Forestry students with focus on forest finance, economics and management
  • Young professionals in forestry or wood industry
  • Timberland owners and investors
  • Wood procurement professionals
  • Bioenergy project managers
  • Finance and accounting professionals and attorneys
  • Investment, hedge funds and bank managers
  • People interested in alternative, green investments
  • And anyone else who needs to understand the identification, valuation, and ranking of timber-dependent and forest-related investments.


  • Presentations and discussions with world experts in Global Forest Investments
  • Practical knowledge and skills acquisition in a short time
  • Abundant networking opportunities
  • Super productive and great time!


In addition, if you register for the course, you will get 15% discount for the International Forest Business Conference (#IFBC2018), where networking opportunities will be in abundance, and the conference will offer a unique opportunity to meet CEOs and senior management of the most influential companies in the industry. The main theme of the conference is “New Forest Business Frontiers”, and there will be 4 sessions: Science, Wood Industry, Timberland Investments, New Technologies.
More info about conference is at:

To sum up, 2 days of practical course in timberland investments + 1 day field trip to see LVL factory and hybrid poplar plantations in Poland + 2 days of international conference. 

Both the course and conference will be in less than 2 months from now, held in Hotel Kiston, in northern Poland between 4-5th June (Course) and 6-8th June (Conference). 


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